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The 3 Elements That Will Make You a Winner

Although it is primarily played on computers and handheld devices, Words With Friends ™ is more accurately categorized as a board game. A common misperception of the game is that it is purely a game of memorization – the one who knows the most words wins.

The game is popular and successful because it is easy to play. Put some letters down, make a word, and score points—this is where beginners make their first assumption and ultimately their first mistake.

Beginners’ first inclination is to play the longest word they can find in their rack hoping to score the big points.

Figure 1

Wrong Assumption – Playing longer words will score the most points. My longest word to date only got me 42 points.

Winning in Words With Friends ™ can be attributed to three elements: Luck, Memory and Board & Tile Management, in exactly that order.

Element One: Luck

Surprise! Luck plays the strongest part in the outcome of your game. After all, your tiles are randomly placed in your rack by the game’s algorithm. Luck—both good and bad—is a large part of what will determine what words you can make on your next play.

You feel the adverse effects of this randomness when:

  • You end up with a rack full of only consonants or only vowels
  • Your opponent opens up a fat juicy opportunity on an orange Triple Word square and you can’t make a strong play with the tiles in your rack. Of course, as it usually happens, if you fail to take advantage of this opportunity, your opponent likely will
  • You swap some undesirable tiles and end up with tiles that are equally worthless. Surprisingly, it’s a fairly common occurrence to swap a tile or two out and get the same exact tiles back from the bag!

Some games ultimately feel as though the tile gods are completely against you and you can’t make any headway against your opponent. Luckily, the tricks in this book will help you make better plays despite getting tile that are low-scoring or difficult to play.

Sometimes, weird, unlikely things happen:


What are the odds of both players having almost identical racks?

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