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I have been playing Words With Friends ™ for a little over two years, but I have been playing these kinds of games even before Words With Friends ™ was created, on various platforms, including “the classic word game.”

Since I was in my single-digit years, I’ve been fascinated by anagrams, word patterns, word searches, and words in general. My fascination, nay madness, started when one of my parents’ friends showed me how the word CLAIMED could be rearranged to MEDICAL, and then rearranged again to DECIMAL. After that revelation, I would constantly examine words and try to determine if I could spot any anagrams.

This process progressively became easier and allowed me to usually “anagramize” a word after a quick glance. I developed a knack for finding words in a jumbled set of letters. Hence, I find the classic Jumble™ a cinch.

A game like Words With Friends ™ scratches that itch perfectly allowing me to match up with like-minded players like you from all over the world.

What This Book Is About

I do not cover the rules of the Words With Friends ™ game in this book. I assume that you know the basics of the gameplay: How to place tiles and build words, how scores are calculated, and how the winner is determined.

My goal for this book is to share with you the way I play. You can easily find websites and books about classic strategies for improving your score. However, the ideas I share in this book are refinements and offshoots on those strategies that have been carefully curated for Words With Friends ™.

Meet Georgia

In this book, I include screenshots from matches against various opponents. In describing each gameplay accompanying the screenshots, or in explaining some concept, I will refer to my opponent simply as Georgia.

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