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Element Two: Memory

How good are you at remembering words? This is where your memorization skill comes into play. Your ability to remember, recall and reuse words is paramount. Classic strategies suggest you should commit to learning various word lists to strengthen your game.

You may have seen or heard of these word lists:

  • All the two-letter words
  • All the three-letter words
  • All the words that begin with or contain the heavy hitters: J, Q, X and Z
  • And so on

I am not going to give you these word lists in this book. There are plenty of resources online and numerous books available devoted to this.

Knowing all the words in these lists, especially the obscure ones, will definitely help you make great plays and score higher. Knowing these words will make you a standout against your opponents and I highly recommend knowing these words in these lists. This is the first element of the game you can control.

Ultimately, the player who knows the most words has the best chance of winning. Knowing how and where to place the words on the board for the most points is another skill intimately related to the skill of memorizing a large vocabulary.

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