Up Your Game of Words With Friends

I want to share with you the strategies that I use to control the game, get ahead of my opponents and win at Words With Friends. Use my secrets and take your game to a new level.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

I thought I knew how to play this game! I couldn't wait to take on my nemesis after reading Gene's secrets.

Tiffani L.

It was great using Gene's tricks against him..LOL! I could anticipate his moves. He really put his own secrets out there for everyone...this is so awesome

Rainer W.

Simply stupendous!!! My average score has started creeping up higher. I love that the strategies are so easy to apply and incorporate into my own playing style.

M. Bernard

It's like I'm playing the game for the first time. I now have all these new tricks up my sleeve and my addiction has been renewed anew. Thanks for killing my spare time, Gene! HAHA! Just kidding.

zyngawf_xxxxxxxx (name withheld)

About The Author

Gene Derumor

I have been playing Words With Friends ™ since 2013, but I have been playing these kinds of games even before Words With Friends ™ was created, on various platforms, including the classic board game. I have always had a knack for finding words in a jumbled set of letters.

Since I was in my single-digit years, I’ve been fascinated by anagrams, word patterns, word searches, and words in general. A game like Words With Friends ™ scratches that itch perfectly allowing me to match up with like-minded players like you from all over the world.

Writing this book has been an interesting endeavor, challenging me to gather all my methods into a concise narrative. Knowing how to play with my strategies was one thing, writing them down and explaining them was another. All in all, I have enjoyed the process and hope that the resulting book will be helpful and enjoyable for you all.